Peck Picks Up Mixed Hold'em Title

Deanna Goodson - 27 Jan 2009

86 players took part in the $1100 mixed hold’em (no limit and limit Texas Hold’em switching up at each level) tournament as part of the Aussie Millions. Mel Judah and Tony Dunst were part of the action. However, it was Adam Peck who earned the top spot and the AUD $25,000 at the end of the two days.

Peck, who was second in chips behind Michael Guzzardi when the final table began, defeated Marlon Goonawardana in heads-up play en route to the title. Goonawardana, who was behind at the start of heads-up play, didn’t last long against Peck.

At the very least, Goonawardana collected $18,430 AUD as the runner-up.

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