Hellfire Club at Devilfish Poker

Deanna Goodson - 4 Feb 2009

DevilfishPoker.com today announced the launch of its new and improved Hellfire Club. The site has expanded its VIP Loyalty Programme to reward more players with a greater number of bonuses.

The new programme has a fixed payout structure where players can receive a Monthly VIP Bonus by earning as little as 300 VIP points per Month while bigger players will still be rewarded handsomely with huge Monthly VIP Bonuses up to €3,600. The more a player plays, the higher the bonus they receive and with fixed points targets players will know exactly how many VIP points are needed to reach the next bonus level.

Players can keep track of their VIP points by clicking on the “Account Information” button in the top left hand corner of the poker client.

*VIP Points*

The new VIP point structure is more generous to the majority of players with more attainable bonuses with lower points requirements for minimum

Under the new system a player generating €1,000 in rake (2,000 points)per month will receive a €300 bonus. Under the old system a player generating the same amount of rake would only have earned €200.

Visit devilfishpoker.com further information and fixed point targets!

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