EPT Season Seven Official Schedule

TourneyBlog Staff - 13 May 2010

The word is out on the PokerStars European Poker Tour Season Seven Schedule!

On August 11th the EPT Season Seven will open in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and qualifiers for event will begin in mid-June on PokerStars.

So far there are 12 stops, including the every popular PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and, on the opposite end of the weather spectrum, EPT Snowfest. Here are the dates for Season 7 of the EPT:

EPT Tallinn (Estonia)
August 11th to 16th
€4,000 + 250 buy-in

EPT Vilamoura (Portugal)
August 28th to September 2nd
€5,000 + 300 buy-in

EPT London (United Kingdom)
September 29th to October 4th
£5,000 + 250 buy-in

EPT Barcelona (Spain)
November 22nd to 27th
The Arts
€5,000 + 300 buy-in

EPT Prague (Czech Republic)
December 13th to 18th
€5,000 + 300 buy-in

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (Bahamas)
January 8th to 14th
$10,000 + 300 buy-in

EPT Deauville (France)
January 26th to 31st
Casino Barriere
€5,000 + 300 buy-in

EPT Copenhagen (Denmark)
February 17th to 22nd
Casino Copenhagen
DKK 35,000 + 2,250 buy-in

EPT Snowfest (Austria)
March 20th to 25th
Alpine Palace
€3,500 + 250 buy-in

EPT Berlin (Germany)
April 5th to 10th
Grand Hyatt
€5,000 + 300 buy-in

EPT San Remo (Italy)
€5,000 + 300 buy-in

EPT Grand Final
€10,000 + 600 buy-in

Warm up for the EPT and qualify at online poker room PokerStars!

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