Everest Poker WSOP 2010 Qualifiers

TourneyBlog Staff - 8 Apr 2010

Qualify for the 2010 WSOP with Everest Poker and share in the cashes of all Everest  qualifiers!

Last year, over 50 players received nearly $20,000 each after qualifying online for the WSOP Main Event with Everest Poker.

This year any player who qualifies for the WSOP Main Event or WSOP Side Event #54 with Everest Poker both online or in a live promotion will be eligible to receive their cut of $1,000,000.

Everest Poker has expanded the $1 Million Match to give more players the chance to cash at the world’s biggest live poker event—why would you qualify anywhere else?

How does the $1 Million Match work?

Everst Poker will match the total amount their players take home from the WSOP Main Event and Side Event #54 prize pools up to $1 million. This amount will be distributed among all players who qualified for the WSOP with Everest Poker, and deposited directly into their accounts.

The matched prize pool will be distributed proportionally, according to which WSOP event each player has qualified for—the higher the buy-in, the bigger the pay out.

Sign up here with Everest Poker to qualify for the WSOP

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