Knocking Out a Bounty Isn’t Always Wise

Deanna Goodson - 13 Mar 2009

Liv Boeree talks about how she played at the $1600 Bounty Feature event. This standard MTT had one player on each table with a $1k bounty. She noticed that players altered their play just to get the bounty. She cautions against over-playing a hand just to get the $1k. It’s kind of short-sighted.

As she writes, “more often the prize pool offers significantly greater rewards” and “the important thing to bear in mind in a tournament that features bounties is being able to weigh up the true value of winning their prize versus that which is offered by the standard prize pool…”

Liv’s assessment reminds a player that it’s never a good idea to get too short-sighted. Sure, a $1k bounty is nice, but isn’t it nicer to win tens of thousands of dollars for playing a great tournament? A poker player must always go into an event, regardless of how that event is set up, with a solid strategy and stick to that strategy.

If the goal is to win, then do all you can to win. If the goal is to pick up a few bounties and make back your buy-in plus, then…that’s cool to you. In the end, your goals are your own and … up to you.

We know what we’d rather do…and we think Ms. Boeree agrees.

Liv Boeree at the 2008 WSOP

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