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Ladbrokes Poker Software Download

The software used by Ladbrokes Poker is a modified form of the Microgaming software, with very few bells and whistles. The functionality of the game is highlighted over the appearance, which does provide for simultaneous eight table sessions and hand replays, but no custom tables or avatars. The support for the software is effective and fast, and the small download size makes installation quick and easy.


Note taking ability is useful to keep track of players that provide problem or opportunity, and the lobby table information is helpful in finding the right kind of games. Check the viewed flop percentage for a good indicator of how loose the table is (the higher the number, the looser the table.)


Ladbrokes Poker Multi-Table support is high, with as many as eight tables at a time available for the grinder. Utilizing the mini-table view is key to putting all eight on screen at once.


The graphics at Ladbrokes Poker are simple but effective, although some complain that things are a little too cluttered. Without avatars and only the basic table color (green) available, Ladbrokes seems content to focus on the game behind the poker rather than the look.

Special Features

Eight tables at a time is a key feature for grinders at Ladbrokes Poker, which allows players to put the table in a mini-view, normal view, or even a large view for concentrating on important tournaments. Players have a choice of where to sit at the table, but there is limited customization after that. No avatars are used, for example.


  • Qualifiers to LECOP, LEOTOP, Tourneys and more
  • Eight table Multi-table support
  • Multiple bonus options
  • Ladbrokes dependability

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