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William Hill Poker Software

Cryptologic authored the software that William Hill Poker uses, as well as the network. Standard functionality and reliability are offered with a few perks, such as a graphical hand history interface in game. Overall the look and feel of William Hill Poker gets good marks, with some room for improvement in the handling of Multi Table play.


The built in graphic interface William Hill Poker uses for hand histories is a big plus in stat reporting, adding to the basics offered by many poker rooms: note taking, lobby table stats and requested hand histories.



William Hill multi-table play is supported up to six tables at once, but fixed table sizes get in the way of what would otherwise be a very useful function. Reportedly slow processing speeds from time to time can also interfere with multi-table play.


William Hill Poker software graphics are simple and well defined, making navigation easy. The site does not offer much in the way of customization, which many players don’t mind as it makes for a quick grasp of the situation for each new table.

Special Features

William Hill Poker does not have much to offer in the way of special features. 


  • Multiple language support
  • Earn money just for playing poker
  • Unique chances to earn more per hour
  • £250 sign up bonus

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